Power Transom Traveler Inflatable Canoe AIRE

Power Transom Traveler Inflatable Canoe AIRE
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Price: $2,899.00
Manufacturer: AIRE
Shipping Weight: 79.00 lbs




Although AIRE has taken the regular non-transom model Traveler out of their line up, we have left the description for it intact since it appears we can still special order that version. For a full description of this boat, other than the transom itself, see our other write-up in this section for the regular Traveler.

Transom Traveler Inflatable Canoe AIRE Motor Size

This model with the transom was originally called the "Power Traveler". Essentially what AIRE did was to blunt the stern slightly on the old non-transom model, and then they bolted on a synthetic laminate surface for mounting small motors up to about 4 H.P. including almost any trolling motor. It is not large enough to accommodate big gas engines, and that was not really the intended use. AIRE thought it best to limit possible engine sizes by staying with a smaller mount, since some like a 9 horse motor would distort the stern under heavy throttle. This transom is not really removable as it is bolted though the hull, and if you did take it off the stern would not hold it's shape.

Standard colors are green, blue and red, though AIRE also makes a few in the other colors as well. We do not stock this model, but it only takes three extra business days for us to get it.

The price includes free UPS ground, and a cashier's check can save you another 5%, so call for details if you are interested.

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