AIRE Tributary Strike 2 Inflatable Kayak

AIRE Tributary Strike 2 Inflatable Kayak
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Price: $999.00
Manufacturer: AIRE
Shipping Weight: 52.00 lbs




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For 2019, lime green will replace orange as the hull color on both the tandem and solo Strikes.

Although the AIRE Tributary Strike 2 Inflatable Kayak comes from the same factory that makes the AIRE's Tomcat kayaks, there are several differences between the Tomcats and Strikes. These are detailed down below.

Stronger material for the AIRE Tributary Strike 2 Inflatable Kayak

This year there have been three improvements for the Strike series kayaks, two minor, and one that is pretty major. First, the bail areas are now covered with mesh on the bottom to help prevent the influx of large sand particles and twigs. Second, there are flip handles on the bottom like the Lynx and Outfitters have. The third and most important upgrade will be in the hull material. AIRE has been using a 500 denier base pvc for a few years, but the 2016 fabric is now a much stiffer 1,000 denier, with higher tear strength. Additionally, the thickness of the coating decreased, and this has dropped both the solo and tandem Strike's weight enormously. The Strike II used to be 47 pounds, or 40 without seats. It is now a feathery 36.5 pounds, or under 30 with the seats out.

AIRE Tributary Strike 2 Inflatable Kayak Multipurpose

Strike II’s are a bit more versatile than their Lynx, Outfitter, or Tomcat equivalents in that Strikes track bit better and go a tiny bit faster than the others. Being flatter at the bow than a Lynx II or Tomcat, it is slightly less suited for class four water – especially high flow class IV with big crashing waves – but is fine for class II, III, and okay for low flow class IV. A number of our customers have used both the tandem and solo Strikes for some fairly difficult runs with good success. We haven’t used these ourselves on much beyond class III but they are still one of our favorites among AIRE’s two person craft. We have more experience with the solo Strike than with this tandem model.

If you intend to use a Strike, Tomcat, or Lynx tandem mostly on flat water you should probably look at our AIRE skeg kit. This can be found under the IK Accessories. The fin patch isn't always easy to glue on to the kayak, but some of the models in this section of our site tend to spin out if one or both occupants suddenly stop paddling. Almost any whitewater raft, kayak, or inflatable kayak takes considerable practice to move in a straight line. The skeg kit is helpful, but the fin must be removed for whitewater use.

Strike II's are 12'6" long, so unlike with the SuperLynx, there is not enough space to run overnighters (or to take a child or large dog along for the ride) out of this model with two adult paddlers on board. These measure 37" wide, a bit more than the SuperLynx. AIRE lists the Strike II weight capacity at 450 pounds in their brochures, but the Strike inflatable floors are not as thick as they are on a Lynx or Tomcat and the side tubes are smaller. With two paddlers weighing around 200 pounds, there may not be water around your butts. However, with one paddler weighing 150, and the other 250, the bigger person will have about half an inch of water near their posterior. We would suggest keeping the payload to 390 pounds with neither paddler over 200 pounds. AIRE's 450 pound figure is a bit optimistic with this model.

Both the Strikes and the Tomcats are made in AIRE's mainland China factory, but the details that differentiate the Strike II from the Tomcat II are as follows:

AIRE Tributary Strike 2 Inflatable Kayak Positives

1) The warranty is 5 years on the Strike instead of one year.

2) It uses urethane side tube bladders like a Lynx instead of the cheaper, less stretchable vinyl bladders found in the Tomcats.

3) It has welded seams on the underside instead of the stitched seams found on Tomcats. )There is some conflicting information at this point as to whether AIRE will make the outer seam welded on the 2016 Tomcats, or whether it will still be stitched. We haven't had a chance to inspect a new Tomcat yet, so we will update this detail when we know for sure.)

4) The tube bladders aren't left side-right side. Instead, they pass through the front & back ends of the boat, like they do on the SuperLynx and Force series. This makes for a very rigid bow and stern with great wave-punching ability.

5) The floor bladder is 5" thick instead of 6", and the tubes are 11" on the Strike II instead of 12". This drops the payload capacity as discussed above, but also lowers your center of gravity, keeping the Strike II very stable in big rapids.

As with all AIRE kayaks, the seats are infinitely adjustable and/or removable, but the Strikes come with the Cheetah chairs shown, whereas the Tomcat has inflatable "pillow" style backrests. Please note that the orange - gray two tone is the only color available.

Free shipping to any lower-48 address. You can save 5% by paying with cashier's checks, so if you wish to go that way send us your goodies list and your zip code and we will get you a total. All shipping on kayaks is UPS ground unless you tell us otherwise, or unless you live in Alaska or Hawaii. For those two states, or Canada, you may wish to have your boat sent via postal service, and if so we offer a small allowance toward the fees.

Any accessories purchased with your boat are 10% off, and also note that our shopping cart as yet does NOT reflect these discounts - it will show a higher total so we will adjust the bottom line before ringing the transaction through. Our cart will also try to charge you the UPS< but that will also be removed from the total.

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