Tandem Whitewater Inflatable Kayaks

Tandem Whitewater IK's

Tandem, or two-person whitewater inflatable kayaks from AIRE, Incept, Tributary, Innova, and NRS are in this section. If you are looking for a tandem boat for ocean, lake, or "calm water" use, those are in found in our Tandem Touring IK section.

Any of the tandem river I.K's can be paddled solo, but some will be easier to maneuver than the others depending on the width and waterline of the kayak. All models in this section except the Innova Vagabond are self-bailing.

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You will need to pay more attention to weight capacity, or "payload", with tandem inflatable kayaks than you would on the solo models. Tandems are often expected to hold double the weight, but are typically only 20 to 25% bigger. If the tubes are too small and/or the floor is not thick enough, a two-person self bailer may hold little more than the weight of one average adult, with water coming in the bail holes as you add a second body. Tandems from Sotak/Sotar, Sea Eagle, Stearns, and Sevylor all suffer to varying degrees from this problem. So does the new NRS Outlaw tandem found here, and to a lesser degree, the Tributary Strike II. Even if you spot one of the bargain brands for just a few hundred dollars, keep this in mind before spending your money on something that may be swamped all the time.

Note that the AIRE Superlynx, which is indeed a tandem whitewater model, got filed on our Tandem Touring Kayak page due to the dual purpose nature of it's design. It is one of the very few functional jack-of-all-trades boats, and we need to emphasize that while the Sea Eagle Explorers many of you are tempted with aspire to this multi-purpose catergory, they are not even close.

For information about multiple boat discounts, and discounts on accessories that are purchased with your boat, please see the F.A.Q. page of our website. New here for is the ultra-stable AIRE Outfitter II. You might also want to look at the AIRE Traveler in our Touring section. This is also a very capable river boat.

There is a more complete introduction on the main Solo River I.K. page. The Tandem River IK section was updated February, 2013

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