Used Inflatable Rafts

Used Inflatable Rafts

Used Inflatable Rafts

As we have been out of the rental end of things for quite a while, most of the few boats in this section will either derive from the rare trade-in that we get, or much more often from AIRE in the Fall (typically late September to mid-October) when they clean out the employee demo and loaner boats.

Since the kayaks here are used, unless otherwise stated they do not have warranties. That said, every one has been thoroughly checked and air tested, and we strive for descriptions that accurately describe the condition of each boat.

We rarely get any used Innova or NRS inflatable kayaks, so the majority of what follows will tend to be AIRE or Tributary kayaks.

Used RMR Raft
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Used Inflatable Rafts

Pricing is F.O.B. Danville, CA; anything here will be shipped by UPS ground unless you live in Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii. If you are in one of these three places, we can usually send any inflatable kayak (other than an AIRE Sea Tiger) through the Post Office. Because it requires a special trip during business hours, Postal shipments may take anywhere from two extra days up to an extra week.