We Buy Used Rafts Catarafts Inflatable Kayaks

We Buy Used Rafts Catarafts Inflatable Kayaks

We welcome trade-in's from the San Francisco, San Jose, Bay Area customers on used whitewater rafts, pre-owned inflatable kayaks, and possibly cataraft tubes or smaller complete cat's with frames. We occasionally buy used gear outright if the price is advantageous.

At The Boat People we mainly deal in higher end brands, so we won't be too interested in Sea Eagles, Stearns, Sevylors, Coleman's, etc. Where whitewater rafts are concerned, since we often have to ship the boat somewhere outside northern California, we prefer brands and sizes that can roll up small enough for UPS, and those that are not over 135 pounds. Sotars, Maravias, and many of the import pvc rafts in sizes above 12' to 13' often exceed either the boxed UPS weight limit of 150 pounds, or they are too difficult to roll to a compact size. Shipping a used boat via motor freight rather than UPS often adds so much to the tab that it is not a good deal for the next owner.

Examples of brands that are typically NOT a huge problem for shipping are Avon, Hyside, AIRE, Momentums, Tributary, Riken, Achilles, NRS, and smaller size pvc models from Star, Maxxon, and a few other companies. Please call in for your specific used raft, used cataraft, and used inflatable kayak brand and model.

We love to get inflatable kayak trade-in's on both white water models, and touring inflatable kayaks designed for ocean use and calmer water. Let us know what you have. If you are outside the area, we may still be interested in your inflatable kayak, but we would need a thorough description, serial number, and photos first. Non-local trade in's that have to be shipped to us work better in a trade-in situation, as opposed to us buying your boat outright at a low enough price to offer the next person a good deal.

Call us with any questions. Without trade-in's, our Used section here tends to only have offerings in the Fall when AIRE does their end-of-season house cleaning. And usually a lot of what they have is not priced low enough to be worth us purchasing it for resale. In 2013 for example, we bought only five kayaks and one small raft off the list. The more the merrier!

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