Fishing Inflatables

Fishing Inflatables

The AIRE, Maxxon, Innova, and Rocky Mountain boats shown below were chosen for their angler-friendly designs. Though many other rafts, catarafts, and inflatable kayaks throughout our website are used regularly by fly fishermen and fisher-ladies, these were a few we picked that seem to be the most popular. Each boat below also appears in another section of our site.

With the exception of the Rocky Mountain raft (the first blue one, below left) the other rafts, catarafts and inflatable kayaks below roll up small for those who choose not to use trailers, and each of them are light compared to competing brands and models. Small inflatable kayaks like the Innova Twist below can get you down narrow, low-flow waterways that anglers in bigger boats won't be able to reach. Whether you fish from the kayak or step out onto the bank, the Twist is an ultra-light model that can be carried long distances with no strain whatsoever. Other rafts and cat tubes below, like the AIRE Superpuma (green raft on right, second row) and Maxxon's awesome P10 pontoons, mated with a proper rowing frame, are well recognized by those who enjoy fishing moderate flow rivers and streams - yet these same boats are also used on some of the hairiest class V rivers as well.

Much of the information on the rafts and at tubes pertains to those who run whitewater, but we have tried to add a bit as to why each one is well suited for anglers. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for in the descriptions for each boat, give us a call at 925-820-BOAT.

Raft Inflatable Kayak Cataraft Free Shipping

Raft Inflatable Kayak Cataraft Cashier's Check 5 Percent Discount

Fishing Boat

RMR 12 SB outfitter grade Fishing Boat.

Innova Alfonso Fishing Raft with Transom

New! Alfonso Fishing Raft from Innova

Innova Halibut Anglers Inflatable Kayak

New Fishing Kayak from Innova - the Halibut

Rocky Mountain RTD-48 River Tube

Big and Beefy Four Foot Rocky Mountain River Float Tube, Tapered at one...

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Fishing Raft

AIRE Super Puma Fishing Raft with two thwarts

Fly Fishing Raft

AIRE Tributary 12.0 SB Fly Fishing Raft with free shipping.

Fishing Inflatable Kayak

The Twist Fishing Inflatable Kayak from Innova is a great craft to...

Fly Fishing Inflatable Kayak
NRS Pike Fly Fishing Inflatable Kayak get to all the places you...
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Fishing Cataraft

Fishing Cataraft AIRE Wave Destroyer 12

Fly Fishing Cat

Maxxon P10 Fly Fishing Cat pontoon tubes are 10' long, 18.5"...