Standard-Floor Inflatable Rafts

Standard-Floor Inflatable Rafts

This is the section for Rocky Mountain and NRS non-selfbailing rafts. There is more data on rafts on the Intro page to the self-bailing model section, so we'll keep this part brief. As the years have stretched on, less companies are making non-bailing rafts, and those companies that still do have limited size options because of low sales volume. If you are looking for a non-bailer, please phone us so we can check and see what is available between the brands we handle. Much of the time a dealer needs to "pre-season" order non-bailing rafts the prior year to ensure they have them, but since sales are so sporadic on these, few dealers ever do that.

The main demand for bucket boats comes from livery rental operations on easier rivers, and a few fly fishermen buy the 10' to 13' sizes, but that's about it.

The two Rocky Mtn Livery rafts shown here are the least expensive, most basic models. In addition to these RMR bucket boats, there are also five sizes of a more full featured line simply called the “NB” (Non Bailing) series. NB’s generally have one or two more air chambers compared to the Livery models, removable thwarts, and sometimes more D-rings or lift handles. We are not listing them here, but to give you a rough idea as of 2018 the NB-120 12’ size costs $1,849. Like the Liveries, the NBs are usually not in stock, but we are always happy to check for you.

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Innova Alfonso Fishing Raft with Transom

New! Alfonso Fishing Raft from Innova

NRS Livery 130 13' Standard Floor Raft

We do not stock the NRS standard floor (non-selfbailing) rafts, so please...

NRS Livery 140 Standard Floor 14' Hypalon River Raft

Achilles, Hyside, and NRS all theoretically make 14'non-selfbailing...

NRS Otter Livery 106 Standard Floor Raft

The 10-1/2' Otter Livery non-bailer from NRS is a fine choice for fly...

NRS Otter Livery 96 Standard Floor Raft

The little 9'6" Otter non-bailer from NRS is a fine choice for anglers or...

Rocky Mountain Rafts Livery LI-105

Special order 10'6" RMR Livery raft

Rocky Mountain Rafts Livery Non Self Bailing LI-130

Special Order 13' RMR Non-selfbailing Livery Raft

How to properly inflate a raft

How to clean and store your raft