AIRE Landing Pad self-inflating sleeping mats, Klymit ultra-compact air mattresses, PVC & mesh gear bags, soft coolers, and waterproof camera cases are in this general accessory section. Thighstraps and other IK equipment are under the IK Accessories section. If you're looking for raft accessories like carrying bags of cargo floors & nets, those are in the Raft Accessories area. Updated March 2013. Some accessory items may appear in multiple places on the site. Camlock straps are in their own little area.

21qt Trapezoid Shaped Soft Cooler

21 Quart Soft Cooler from AIRE

AIRE 24" wide Landing Pad self inflating sleep pad

The AIRE Landing Pads now have reinforced corners, a small upgrade from...

AIRE 36 Quart Soft Cooler Bag

New AIRE Boaters Soft Cooler 36 Quart

AIRE Inflatable River Couch

AIRE River Couch - now in teal/gray

AIRE Landing Pad 30" width, self inflating sleep pad

The AIRE 30" wide Landing Pad features wrapped reinforced corners.

Aquapac Large Size Waterproof Camera Pouch for larger point & sh

Our Large Aquapac ($40) is for bigger point & shoot's and moderate size...

Blow Pro 420 AC Raft Inflator
Blow Pro Model 420 AC Inflator
Product is out of stock
Klymit 20 Ounce Static V Air Mattress

Klymit 20 Ounce Static V Air Mattress

The Static V mattress...

Medium AIRE Neff River Gear Bag

Discontinued - see text

Call for price
PAKR Mesh Gear Bags

PAKR Mesh Bags ($14) are 16" X 20" with two loops at the top corners for...

Small Aquapac Waterproof Camera Pouch

Our other waterproof camera container besides the Camera Shield is called...