Inflatable Kayak Accessories

Inflatable Kayak Accessories

Inflatable kayak accessories we carry include thighstraps, footpeg kits - also known as foot braces, bags to carry your kayak in, tracking fins and skegs, extra seats and kayak thwarts, zippered cargo holds, bilge pumps, and one soft cooler that works especially well with inflatables. Note also that we do carry Paddle Leashes, but those are listed with the kayak paddles. Call us with any questions, or if there is something you don't see here. We do not stock the Scotty and Outcast fishing accessories, though we can order them or find a dealer in your area that does carry them.

WindPaddle Cruiser Kayak Sail

Sail your inflatable with the WindPaddle Cruiser!

WindPaddle Adventure Sail for Inflatable Kayaks

Move across the water the easy way with a WindPaddle Sail!

Canvas Inflatable Kayak Bag
Boat People Canvas Inflatable Kayak Carry Bag. Roughly 15.5” diameter and...
21qt Trapezoid Shaped Soft Cooler

21 Quart Soft Cooler from AIRE

AIRE 12 Inch Inflatable Kayak Thwart Seat - Backrest

AIRE's 12" diameter Kayak Thwart Backrest ($89) can be used in any AIRE or...

AIRE 36 Quart Soft Cooler Bag

New AIRE Boaters Soft Cooler 36 Quart

AIRE 7" Diameter Kayak Thwart Backrest / Footrest

This item is made in the USA

AIRE Cheetah Chair Inflatable Kayak Seat

The AIRE Cheetah Chair is just the standard closed-cell foam seat that...

AIRE Deluxe Kayak Seat

A Firmer alternative to the Cheetah Seat

AIRE Footbrace Kit for AIRE Inflatable Kayaks

Although other manufacturers like Hyside and NRS sell rubber-mounted...

AIRE Inflatable Kayak Cargo Hold

AIRE's Mesh Cargo Hold looks exactly like their waterproof version from a...

AIRE Kayak Carry Bag

The AIRE Kayak Bag runs $129 and can be used for air transport. It has...

AIRE Replacement Aluminum Fin for Sawtooth, SuperLynx, and Trinity II

We carry spare fins for the AIRE Tributary Sawtooth's and our Trinity II,...

AIRE Waterproof Inflatable Kayak Cargo Hold

The Waterproof IK Cargo Hold from AIRE is a new & improved version of the...

Blow Pro 420 AC Raft Inflator
Blow Pro Model 420 AC Inflator
Product is out of stock
Boat People Bilge Pump for Inflatable Kayaks

A number of folks who buy non-self bailing touring inflatables like the...

Boat People Curved Padded Thighstraps

Our U.S. made Curved Padded Thighstraps are generally sold to inflatable...

Boat People Fin Kit for pvc inflatable kayaks, removable skeg

For pvc kayaks only - see text for more details

Boat People High Back Inflatable Kayak Seat

Our new Boat People High Back Inflatable Kayak Seat is the most...

Boat People Inflatable Kayak Backsaver Seat

Many inflatable kayaks have backrests that leave much to be desired. If...

Boat People Kid's Backsaver inflatable kayak and sit-on-top accessory seat

The Kid's Backsavers are an accessory seat with a rear pocket, made of...

Boat People Straight Padded Inflatable Kayak Thigh Straps

Boat People Straight Padded Inflatable Kayak Thigh Straps - made in...

Innova Swing Spray Skirt

Velcro-attached sprayskirts are now available for the solo and tandem...

Klymit 20 Ounce Static V Air Mattress

Klymit 20 Ounce Static V Air Mattress

The Static V mattress...