Raft Paddles

Raft Paddles

The rafting paddles in this section from Caviness and Bravo (and occasionally Carlisle) are mainly for river use and fly fishing. On flatwater use you can utilize less expensive oars, often available through fly fishing stores. Oars and all the associated hardware is found on a separate page in this sub-section of our website. This page was updated March, 2013.

Paddles: Please note that almost half the time we have to use rather expensive new boxes to ship raft paddles. We therefore reserve the right to charge $4 boxing fees on paddle orders under $50. Also be aware that due to UPS's "oversize" upcharges, one five foot paddle costs the same to ship as half a dozen, and it is really not economical to order just one, two, or even three. If the shopping cart under-calculates the UPS fee we may need to contact you. Oversize fees to not apply to 4' single blade paddles, or to the take-apart Caviness paddle below. Email or phone us at 925-820-BOAT if you want to know what the UPS charges are ahead of time on 5' and 5-1/2' paddle shipments.

While we do have access to many different brands of fancy fibreglass canoe paddles, we don't sell hardshell boats, and most rafters (and tandem inflatable kayakers who want short single blade paddles) lose paddles somewhat often so the less pricey Carlisles, Bravos, and Caviness models are a good choice.

Caviness 5' Basic Raft or Canoe Paddle

Raft Paddles

Caviness Basic Paddles ($26) are fairly light and...

Caviness 5' Raft or Canoe Paddle

Caviness Standard Paddles come in 5' lengths at $30, and also 5'6" size...

Caviness 5' Take-Apart Raft or Canoe Paddle

We now have a Two-Piece 5' Spare raft paddle from Caviness, that is...

Caviness 5-1/2' Raft or Canoe Paddle

The Caviness Standard Paddles come in 5'6" lengths at $31. We also carry...