Miscellaneous Whitewater Rafting Featured Items

Raft Inflatable Kayak Cataraft Free Shipping

Raft Inflatable Kayak Cataraft Cashier's Check 5 Percent Discount

Aire 130 D Whitewater Raft

The AIRE 130 D Whitewater Raft. Priced with no thwarts.

Aire 143 D Whitewater Raft

The AIRE 143 D Whitewater Raft./p>

AIRE 156 D Whitewater Raft

The AIRE 156 D Whitewater Raft Free shipping to the lower 48.

AIRE Puma Raft with two thwarts

AIRE Puma Raft with thwarts a true legend of the rivers

Raft Foot Pump
The Bravo 9 raft foot pump for rafts and inflatable kayaks has a six...
Raft Hand Pumps
10 Year Warranty. The Carlson 6" Raft Hand Pumps has been produced...
Rescue Micro Pulley
This rescue micro pulley has a higher load rating than the other 1"...
Rescue Pulley
CMI's 2" rescue pulley opens wide for rope up to 5/8", and offers...
River Knife
For the last ten years, Kershaw's Sea Hunter Blunt Tip River Knife,...
RMR Cloud Nine Raft SB-90

New! RMR Cloud Nine Foot Raft

Dry Bags
The Rack Pack Dry Bags from Ortlieb is another duffel style dry bag,...
Dry Duffel
It's been a while since we had any Ortlieb drybags products, but last...
Life Vests
Cruiser type III kayak & canoe life vests - see our holiday special...
The Java PFDs are now in stock. Ever since MTI quit making their very...
Rafting Life Jackets
These are the brand new 2012 version of the adult sized MTI Canyon rafting...
Rafting Lifejackets

NRS Big Water Type V universal adult size rafting lifejackets, in...

2 Piece Kayak Paddles
2 Piece Kayak Paddles from Makaha in the 230cm size. We have both...
4 Piece Kayak Paddles

The 4-Piece FGX glass-shaft Wave is identical to it's two-piece brother...

Dihedral Inflatable Kayak Paddles
The blades on this 220cm (7'2") BIC dihedral inflatable kayak paddles...
Touring Kayak Paddles
The 4-Piece FGX glass-shaft Wave touring kayak paddles are identical...
Inflatable Kayak Paddles
Accent are newer inflatable kayak paddles line from Cannon in...
White Water Rafts
Hands up the best deal in 14' footer white water rafts. Please phone...
Whitewater Rafts

Tough Outfitter Quality Six Person 13' Whitewater Rafts - This raft...