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Tandem Touring IK's

Solo touring inflatables are listed on a separate page. The tandems here include AIRE’s Superlynx, Sea Tiger, and Traveler, the Incept Pacific, and several models from Innova. The factory where Innova boats are produced has made some changes to their lighter weight Twist & Swing models. Twists now have removable seats, and the tandem model has been stretched out by about 6” to 7” this year.

Twist and Swing fabric used to have no rubber on the outside, but now there is a layer of nitryl coating. This coating is not as thick as what’s used on the Solar, Safari, Seawave, and other heavy duty models, but it provides at least some abrasion resistance compared to the pre-2017 versions. It also allows faster drying times, plus easier clean-up. While the new fabric adds a little weight, among better quality inflatable kayak brands Twists and Swings are still the lightest you can buy.

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AIRE Sea Tiger Inflatable Kayak

Discontinued - see text

Call for price
AIRE Superlynx Inflatable Kayak

The multi-purpose AIRE Super Lynx for class III and open water

AIRE Tributary Sawtooth Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Now faster, longer, and updated for 2020!

Incept Pacific Tandem Inflatable Sea Kayak

The New Zealand made Incept Pacific tandem inflatable sea kayak is...

Innova Helios 2 EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Discontinued - please see our text

Call for price
Innova SeaWave two or three person inflatable

New Innova Seawave Touring Trio Kayak

Innova Solar 410 Tandem Touring Kayak
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The Innova Solar 410c is back with a super low price!

Innova Solar Package Deal

Solar IK Package with Paddles and Pump

Innova Sunny EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

The Sunny has been replaced by the Solar 410c - see text

Call for price
Innova Swing II Decked Double
Hot Deal

Nice performance and optional sprayskirts!

Innova Twist II-N Tandem Inflatable Kayak

New fabric for 2017, better durability

Innova Vagabond Tandem Inflatable Canoe

The Innova Vagabond is back!

AIRE Tributary Sawtooth Inflatable Kayak Tandem Package Deal

AIRE Tributary Sawtooth Inflatable Kayak Tandem Package Deal For Two.

Power Transom Traveler Inflatable Canoe AIRE

Row it, paddle it, or outboard-motor it!

AIRE Traveler Inflatable Canoe

This one was replaced with the Transom Traveler model

Call for price
Traveler Rowing Frame only

Discontinued - please see text for new options.

Call for price
Traveler Rowing Frame with Oars and Oarlocks

Discontinued by manufacturer - see text for new option

Call for price

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There will also be some new Innova tandems for 2017, and the Helios II and Sunny kayaks are discontinued. The Solar 410c model will become the primary tandem touring kayak in the “EX’ heavy duty line. We have carried the Solar for well over a decade now and are very familiar with the handling characteristics, having paddled it in water ranging from easier Kauai rivers, Monterey Bay & Santa Cruz surf, and some local lakes. It has more room & weight capacity than the Sunny with near identical paddling characteristics. There is a lot more info on the Solar under our write-up for that boat.

Other new Innova tandems & trio’s will include the 14’9” three-seat Seawave, and an angler’s raft-kayak hybrid called the Alfonso that seats two. Additionally, the Vagabond inflatable canoe will be returning, though availability may be limited as this one was never a big seller. The Seawave has optional solo and tandem spray decks, and an optional rudder kit. There is a similar rudder now made for the Swing EX solo as well, though we haven’t tried any of these rudders yet.

Some models in our Touring section can be used in whitewater, while others are more specifically designed as open water kayaks.

A good touring inflatable will have as little resistance to the wind and water as possible, but it should not feel like it’s on the verge of tipping over. How fast do these boats go? It depends on the hull design of each model. The Sawtooth is pretty fast, and the Pacific - priced out of the market for now - isn't bad either. The fastest are comparable to many plastic bodied sit-in kayaks. The best of the rest here will be about as zippy as a decent folding frame boat, and a bit faster than some sit-on-tops (with the exception of the AIRE Traveler, which is pretty slow).

Under certain conditions a well designed inflatable has advantages over it's plastic and fibreglass cousins, and there is also an additional safety factor with an inflatable in turbulent seas, or big fresh water bodies like the Great Lakes where wind storms often begin with little warning. That is, self-rescue is a snap. If you flip, just turn the boat upright and crawl back in! Another perk is the ease of air travel with inflatables. A long tandem hard hulled kayak is either not allowed at all, or if it is, the cost of round trip air transport tends to be prohibitive. And some paddlers just want to throw their boat in a trunk or in their fifth wheel and avoid dealing with a roof rack.

There are some brands we don’t carry, but many of these don’t really offer the value of what follows. With the recent price drop and imporvements on several Innova models, looking at many of the Chinese import lines no longer makes sense. There has been a trend for floors on many imports to be made with high pressure drop stitch material, and for an angler who wants to stand up and cast, this can be a beneficial feature. That said, there are disadvantages as well. For one thing, sitting almost directly on something as hard as a floor pad inflated to 8 or 10 p.s.i. with only a thin camp chair style seat for padding can get uncomfortable very quickly. And in self bailing mode, many of these floors – at only four inches thick – tend to not be quite thick enough for a tandem to avoid swamping with two larger passengers. Also, compared to a traditional Innova or AIRE I-beam air mattress floor, lifespans for these high pressure pads tend to be about half. Finally, the design of many of the imports creates an area between the “sub-floor” and the drop stitch pad where sand and dirt and accumulate.

All kayak accessories are priced at 10% off if purchased with the boat. If you buy multiple boats at the same time, or can pay with a cashier's check or bank wire transfer, we will also work with you on the numbers.

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