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Free Shipping Details

Raft Inflatable Kayak Cataraft Free Shipping

Raft, Inflatable Kayak, and Cataraft Free Shipping Details

We offer free UPS ground shipping for most AIRE, Innova, Tributary, and Rocky Mountain models, and the NRS Outlaw kayaks. Free shipping applies to phone-in orders and is for the lower 48 States only. If you are in Alaska or Hawaii we will apply 5% of the boat's retail price toward UPS shipping costs. This 5% allowance does not apply to postal shipments.

RMR Rocky Mountain models, RMR 13 SB, RMR 14 SB, RMR 16 SB are FREE SHIPPING to commercial, non-residential, addresses. Due to the extra weight of these models, shippers charge extra fees to residential addresses but not to commercial addresses. You can avoid the extra fee by picking the raft up at the shipper's nearest hub too.

Free shipping is notated on the individual boats it applies to, and if your shipping costs are less than 5% of the boat's retail cost, you may use the remainder toward accessories. We know this may cause some confusion which is why we ask that you phone your order in.

The shopping cart will automatically charge shipping. If you still want to use the cart, go ahead and we will deduct the UPS fees. Our shopping cart does not ring up your credit card; it merely authorizes up to the dollar mount shown. Because we use the Authorize.net system, we can lower totals very easily.

If you want to know what the shipping charge may be on a given raft, cataraft, or inflatable kayak, please email us your zip code, and let us know if the boat will be going to a business address or to your home. And always feel free to call us for this information too.

Additional Terms

  • No free shipping with used boats
  • Free shipping may NOT apply with some "Sales" or "Sale" boats
  • If boats are too heavy or too large for UPS delivery, and include motor freight in their pricing, it is only free for commercial addresses or local pick-up at the carrier's truck yard

Raft Inflatable Kayak Cataraft Cashier's Check 5 Percent Discount

Additional 5 percent discount with payment by Cashier's Check or direct bank transfer for your new raft, inflatable kayak, and/or catarft.

Raft Inflatable Kayak Cataraft Free Shipping

Free Shipping Inflatable Kayaks

AIRE Inflatable Kayaks Free Shipping

  • AIRE Force
  • AIRE Lynx I
  • AIRE Lynx II
  • AIRE Super Lynx
  • AIRE Outfitter I
  • AIRE Outfitter II
  • AIRE Sea Tiger
  • AIRE Traveler (not the Innova Traveler!)

  • Tributary Inflatable Kayaks Free Shipping

  • Tributary Strike (kayak only, not the package)
  • Tributary Strike 2

INNOVA Inflatable Kayaks Free Shipping

  • INNOVA Helios I EX
  • INNOVA Helios II EX
  • INNOVA Helios Kayak Rudder
  • INNOVA Safari
  • INNOVA Solar 410C
  • INNOVA Sunny
  • INNOVA Swing I
  • INNOVA Swing II
  • INNOVA Swing EX
  • INNOVA Twist
  • INNOVA Double Twist

NRS Northwest River Supply Inflatable Kayaks Free Shipping

  • NRS Outlaw I
  • NRS Outlaw II

RMR Rocky Mountain Rafts Inflatable Kayaks Free Shipping

  • RMR IK-123 Animas

Free Shipping Catarafts

AIRE Catarafts Free Shipping

  • AIRE Jaguarundi
  • AIRE Leopard
  • AIRE Ocelot
  • AIRE Wildcat
  • AIRE Lion 14
  • AIRE Lion 16
  • AIRE Sabertooth 12
  • AIRE Wave Destroyer 12
  • AIRE Wave Destroyer 13
  • AIRE Wave Destroyer 14
  • AIRE Wave Destroyer 15

RMR Catarafts Free Shipping

  • RMR CT-140
  • RMR CT-160
  • RMR PC-120

MAXXON Catarafts Free Shipping

  • MAXXON PT-10
  • MAXXON PT-12
  • MAXXON PT-14 - all sizes
  • MAXXON PT-16 - all sizes

Free Shipping Rafts

AIRE Rafts Free Shipping

  • AIRE 130 D
  • AIRE 143 D
  • AIRE 156 D
  • AIRE 130E
  • AIRE 143E
  • AIRE 156E
  • AIRE 130R
  • AIRE 143R
  • AIRE 156R
  • AIRE Puma
  • AIRE Super Puma
  • AIRE Super Duper Puma

Tributary Rafts Free Shipping

  • Tributary 9.5 SB
  • Tributary 12.0 SB
  • Tributary 13.0 SB
  • Tributary 14.0 SB
  • Tributary 9.5 SF
  • Tributary 12.0 SF

RMR Rocky Mountain Rafts Free Shipping

  • RMR 9 SB Cloud Nine (residential and commercial addresses)
  • RMR 105 SB Storm (residential and commercial addresses)
  • RMR 12 SB (residential and commercial addresses)
  • RMR 13 SB (to commercial addresses (non-residential) or to shipper's nearest hub)
  • RMR 14 SB (to commercial addresses (non-residential) or to shipper's nearest hub)
  • RMR 16 SB (to commercial addresses (non-residential) or to shipper's nearest hub)

MAXXON Rafts Free Shipping

  • SB-270 (residential and commercial addresses)
  • XSB-320 (residential and commercial addresses)
  • XSB-390 (Depends on your location and commercial address or shipper's hub. Call me)