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Dry Bag
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Price: $165.00
Manufacturer: Ortlieb



It has been a while since we had any Ortlieb dry bag products, but last year they came out with a number of drysuit-zipper equipped duffle dry bag. The quality of this dry bag is unbeatable as are the materials. This German made line incorporates a ton of nice features. This listing is for what Ortlieb calls the "medium" 50 liter size Travel-Zip, which is actually the larger of the two that they make. It has a removable padded shoulder strap, a 100% waterproof TiZip zipper, carry handles, an inner pocket, and two outer mesh pockets. Between the handles and the shoulder strap attachment D-rings, these dry bags can easily be secured into a raft or inflatable kayak, and at 23" long it's a great size. The cross section is roughly triangular in shape, about 13" X 12" high. Our scale says Travel-Zip dry bags weigh 2 pounds, nine ounces, but somehow it feels lighter than that.

Ortlieb Dry Bag - Quality

The dry bags pvc fabric is not overly thick in terms of the amount of coating it has, but the surface finish is hard & shiny with a very high level of abrasion resistance. This is not low-end Asian pvc, but rather top grade blended German fabric, and the handle and (shoulder strap) D-ring attachment hardware is well above the quality of any other brand of dry bags. We are carrying this in a bright lime color, which ensures that even if it should come loose from your boat, you won't have any trouble spotting it floating down the river!

Dry Bag Straps

These are shipped with the shoulder strap tucked inside the dry bag, in case you think it's missing. This is the smallest (about 80% of the 60 Liter standard Ortlieb Dry Bags Duffle) of the four duffle style Ortlieb dry bags we handle, although it also has different features than the three bigger sizes.

Ortlieb Dry Bag Manufacturers Description

A versatile duffle you can use for sports, weekend or business trips. The extremely durable and abrasion resistant Cordura fabric is designed for heavy duty use, repells dirt and is easy to clean. The Travel-Zip is carried with its adjustable shoulder strap, with the handles, or with a quick adjustment, on the back. It is 100% waterproof and features two meshed side zip pockets (not waterproof) for tickets and passport. Further features: _waterproof TIZIP

height: 9.4 in. width: 18.1 in. depth: 12.2 in. weight: 34.9 oz. volume: 1830.7 inĀ³ fabric: PD620

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