GSI Lexan Transparent Drybox large

GSI Lexan Transparent Drybox large
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Price: $30.00
Manufacturer: GSI Outdoors
Shipping Weight: 4.00 lbs



Lexan Large Gear Box. A popular and economical alternative to Pelican boxes are the GSI Lexan Boxes, which come in five sizes. These do not have handles like Pelican's larger boxes, but they do have two slots for running a 1" camlock strap through - very handy indeed. If, however, you loop a camstrap through these side slots, and run both halves of the camstrap underneath the box, pulling the camstrap tight will result in the sides being distorted outward a bit. This will generally break the seal, so don't overtighten the strap if you secure the Lexan Box this way. If you need more than one box these are great because you don't have to open them to see what's inside, and Lexan Boxes have a very thick, pudgy, reversible o-ring seal so they are perfectly watertight.

The Large Lexan Box is probably the best value of the three sizes. It measures 3.9" X 6.6" X 8.2".

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