Palm Kinetic Semi-DryTop Jacket

Palm Kinetic Semi-DryTop Jacket
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Price: $189.00
Manufacturer: Palm
Shipping Weight: 3.00 lbs



Kinetic "Semi-Dry" Top - $189

Note that we are putting the Large size Kinetics on sale for a short time. That is a separate listing in this section.

This breathable top is made of Palm's drysuit fabric and is designed to mate to a hardshell sprayskirt with it's double waist closure. This inner & outer waist provides almost the same degree of seal you would get with a latex waist gasket - without the high fragility of latex. This lack of a latex waist seal is the only reason why the Kinetic is referred to as a "semi-dry" jacket instead of a "dry-top". Mated to a kayak skirt, it is as good as a true drytop and only slightly more leaky if you take a swim. However, if you are a rafter or inflatable kayaker, and you go for a swim without having this top tucked inside a wetsuit, it will get water inside. How copious the amount depends on how long and how nasty the swim is.

The Kinetic is built without any seams around the armpit & shoulder blade area, which prevents this jacket from binding and restricting your arms during those wild high braces and rolls. The best feature though is the neck gasket. Instead of fragile, blood flow-restricting latex, Palm uses a very stretchy neoprene funnel that is way more comfortable - and warmer. This gasket is the older, more basic design compared to the nicer looking but less waterproof rolled version found on the Silver drysuit. In other words, older design or not, it works better as a seal. Not only that, it can be repaired in the field in less than an hour with the 2-part Aquaseal found in our repair section. Torn latex gaskets on the other hand are usually addressed on the river with duct tape, which is less than ideal even for a temporary repair. Duct tape works, but it's hard to remove and often leaves nasty sticky good behind.

Other nice features of the Kinetic are a small waterproof chest pocket with an actual drysuit zipper, regular drysuit gaskets at the wrists with a secondary outer neoprene cuff, strong cordura reinforcements at the shoulders, forearms, and elbows, and a grabby neoprene outer waist that adjusts snug with velcro side tabs to prevent this jacket from riding up on your chest. This is easily one of the very best values in a whitewater paddle top. It comes in a dark red with black & gray trim, in sizes small through XX-large. We do not stock the smalls, and inventory on the double-X size is sporadic, so if you need one of those two either email or phone us first before proceeding to the shopping cart.

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