Fishing Inflatable Kayak

Fishing Inflatable Kayak
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Price: $399.00
Manufacturer: Innova
Shipping Weight: 20.00 lbs



The Twist Fishing Inflatable Kayak from Innova is a great craft to paddle downstream or across a lake to hit your fave fishing hole. It is essentially a shorter version of the discontinued Innova Solar solo (which looked like a ten foot long version of the two person Solar 410c found in our Tandem Touring Ik section) with less nirtylon coating. Innova's Twist I no longer comes in the camo color - just red or green now. The weight is a very hike-able 16 pounds. Innova's other two fully coated solo models, the Helios and Safari, weight about 25 & 27 pounds by compare. The width of the Twist is closer to 29", rather than the 31" figure given in Innova's literature. The overall length is 8'5", quite short yet the tiny Twist can accommodate a very tall pilot up to about 6'3" with absolutely no problem. This is due to the backrest being mounted pretty far aft. The side tubes are a bit over 8" and the inside width is 13". Twist's do come with a removable, bolt-less tracking fin.

Innova Twist Fishing Inflatable Kayak Strong Feature

The strongest feature of this Fishing Inflatable Kayak is it's unbelievably small packed size, not to mention the very low weight. For backpackers who want something that can easily be carried into a mountain lake or gentle stream, the Twist, a quality foot pump, and the paddle add up to no more than 22 - 23 pounds, allowing leeway for food and drink too. We would suggest using the Twist mostly for fresh water. Tim from Innova has an old Twist at his shop that's seen a lot of salt water use with little signs of harm, even after being uncleaned for most of a decade. Despite this we're still of the opinion that salt crust is never a good thing to leave on inflatables. Or cars. Or a lot of other items.

Care Entering the Innova Twist Fishing Inflatable Kayak

One thing you need to do with a Twist Fishing Inflatable Kayak, and this also applies to the Innova Swings, is that these boats must be boarded from a dock or stepped into after you are in 10" to 12" of water. They cannot be scooted from dry land into the water while you are sitting in them, and they should not be run up onto shore either. This is something you cannot get by with on any boat, Innova or otherwise, that uses material that is bare fabric on the outside. If you do, the resulting abrasion will ensure that the underside of the bow & stern will wear through very quickly. It's not great for any boat, but these cannot be dragged around on dry land or shores.

There is a three-stepped inflatable footrest that you can remove if you wish. The inflatable backrest is part of the boat and does not come out. This backrest is fairly comfortable as long as you get it fully inflated. We normally carry the Twist in red-orange, but the camo pattern shown is also available. Solo and tandem Twists come with a nylon stuff sack and basic patch kit, valve adapter, and the removable zitel tracking fin.

Innova Twist Fishing Inflatable Kayak - All Accessories 10% off

Please note that any accessories purchased with your Fishing Inflatable Kayak are 10% off, and also note that our shopping cart as yet does NOT reflect these discounts - it will show a higher total so we will adjust the bottom line before ringing the transaction through./P>

Manufacturer's Specifications for Innova Twist Fishing Inflatable Kayak

RIVER RATING: Class I LENGTH: 8ft. 6in. WIDTH: 31 in. (see above; we measure less) WEIGHT: 16 lbs. AIR CHAMBERS: 3 Main CAPACITY: 220 lbs (1 person) PACKED DIM: 17x11x7 in. MATERIAL: LitePackā„¢ - No PVC! Recommended paddle length: 220cm

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