AIRE Footbrace Kit for AIRE Inflatable Kayaks

AIRE Footbrace Kit for AIRE Inflatable Kayaks
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Price: $65.00
Manufacturer: AIRE
Shipping Weight: 3.00 lbs



We have a few of these left as of Spring 2019 but AIRE is phasing them out, so if you need a set don't lollygag. Although other manufacturers like Hyside and NRS sell rubber-mounted glue-on kits for their boats, we don't stock those. This one is only for AIRE kayaks. The long hot dog shaped patches go on the interior surface of the side tubes (newer Lynx 1's already have the patches welded in from the factory), and give you a double layer to punch the bolt holes through. Small, smooth headed stainless bolts pass through these holes from the inside to threaded holes on the footpeg rails. The pegs themselves slide along the rail, locking into the square depressions. This system can slip sometimes, but unlike the more secure old-style aluminum peg & rail versions, they won't chew your legs up if you slip off them in a big drop or send you to the hospital for stitches.

The AIRE Footpeg Kit is $65, and unlike AIRE's Skeg Kit, it does not come with a hole punch for some reason. You will need to either use an exacto knife to make the six holes, or make a punch yourself out of something like a sharpened 22 caliber bullet casing, or preferably something a bit more stout.

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