Boat People Curved Padded Thighstraps

Boat People Curved Padded Thighstraps
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Price: $47.00
Manufacturer: Boat People
Shipping Weight: 4.00 lbs



Our U.S. made Curved Padded Thighstraps ($47/pair) are generally sold to inflatable kayakers, but can also be used with sit-on-top plastic kayaks if yours has metal attachment anchors. These straps are wide at the ends and narrow in the middle. When installed properly, the Boat People logos will be upside down. Go figure. You would think we had these made in China, but not so - they are sewn in South Carolina!

Thighstraps allow you to be more effective with brace strokes in whitewater and are definitely the simplest & cheapest way to improve your paddling. They work the easiest with AIRE i.k's, but they can also clip or loop into into other boats with bail holes running full length (take a small piece of rope out thru one bail hole and back up thru the next hole, and tie a knot to form a loop, then repeat this for the other three attachment points), such as Incepts and Hysides, and older air-floor Maravias. In some boats four D-rings may need to be installed (small D-rings run $5 to $7 each depending on what your kayak is made of) to connect the thighstraps to.

Thighstraps are removable, and only take a couple minutes to install. If you leave them in your boat, expect to have thighstrap-shaped mildew stains in short order. These have a quick release ladder lock at one end in case you become entangled. If you are not clear on how to use thighstraps, please don't think for a minute that asking will make you look dumb. We will be happy to go over their installation and usage with you on the phone, but please understand this is tough to do via email.

By the way, in case any of you are looking for AIRE's kayak thighstraps, we are no longer stocking them but they can be ordered easily enough (they run three extra days for delivery); just give us a call. They and the NRS straps are both made in China, both cost the same as our U.S.-made Boat People straps, and both are more complicated to attach/detach, so we don't feel either of them are the best value anymore compared to ours.

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