Boat People Fin Kit for pvc inflatable kayaks, removable skeg

Boat People Fin Kit for pvc inflatable kayaks, removable skeg
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Price: $89.00
Manufacturer: AIRE
Shipping Weight: 3.00 lbs



The first image is what we've been selling (and making ourselves), and the second photo shows what we will be selling as far as the patch goes, after we run out of the turquoise colored patches.

This kit for AIRE and other inflatable kayaks has a pvc mounting patch only and we don't offer this in hypalon. About the only inflatable kayaks that are hypalon anyway are the NRS and Hyside models, and the grooved I-beam floor undersides of these boats will not allow the fin patch to adhere flat, even if the patch were made of rubber. Plus Hyside Padillacs and NRS MaverIKs should be the very last boats anyone uses for flat water given their low hull speeds.

The fin itself is made of heavy 5/32" aluminum and stands off the bottom of your boat 5", and the width is a bit under 3" at the maximum point. It is bigger in surface area than the delrin fin on the AIRE Skeg Kit that we also sell or the current Innova fin, though still not huge. It seems to do the job well enough on the Superlynx. It is less hassle to take on and off than the bolted AIRE Skeg Kit. Once the patch is glued on no tools are required to secure the actual fin. It just slips into opposing slits at each end of the mounting patch as you unroll your kayak, and is locked in once your ducky is inflated tight. This is the same fin you find standard on the AIRE Sawtooth's and on our Trinity II-USA kayak.

Here's the caveat: gluing to pvc is not all that easy. You need to get some MEK at Home Depot or other hardware store if you can still find it (CA locations now carry something called "MEK Substitute, which may not work at all), and use it for the final step known as "re-activation". Heat guns will also work for re-activation but are dangerous to use around inflatable floors. Two coats of glue with substantial drying time in between should be used on both surfaces. Instructions are included, but understand that even the best boat repair pros sometimes have pvc items come unglued. Be clear also that if you get the fin patch down a bit off kilter, you will be forever going in circles.

These include a can of urethane glue for adhering them to the bottom of your kayak. For pvc only!

AIRE Skeg Retrofit Kit

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