Boat People Straight Padded Inflatable Kayak Thigh Straps

Boat People Straight Padded Inflatable Kayak Thigh Straps fits Sit-On-Top Kayaks too
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Price: $39.00
Manufacturer: Boat People
Shipping Weight: 3.00 lbs



Boat People Straight Padded Inflatable Kayak Thigh Straps - made in the USA. We have two types of thighstraps for inflatable kayakers, and this set can also be used with sit-on-top plastic kayaks. Occasionally we whip up a batch of 2" unpadded straps and most of the time we have a few of them in stock, but they are not listed on our website / shopping cart.

Our 2" Straight Padded set (bottom set in photo, $39/pair) are warrantied against defects and feature super safe slider releases at both ends. This particular set of thighstraps are the shortest we carry. They tend to stay on your legs better than the other padded types, but if you are over 5'9" these won't work well.

Boat People Straight Padded Inflatable Kayak Thigh Straps EFFECTIVE

Thighstraps allow you to be more effective with brace strokes in whitewater and are definitely the simplest & cheapest way to improve your paddling. They work the easiest with AIRE i.k's, but they can also clip or loop into other boats with bail holes running full length (take a small piece of rope out thru one bail hole and back up thru the next hole, and tie a knot to form a loop, then repeat this for the other three attachment points), such as Incepts and Hysides, and older air-floor Maravias. In some boats four D-rings may need to be installed (small D-rings run $5 to $11 each depending on what your kayak is made of) to connect the thighstraps to. All Boat People Thighstraps are removable, and only take a couple minutes to install. And there is no "upside down" with these - they can be attached with any end forward since they are symmetrical. If you leave any brand of thighstraps in your boat over long periods of storage, expect to have mildew stains in short order.

Should you get thighstraps for your flatwater i.k? You can but it is probably a waste of money. In whitewater, when the upstream tube of your i.k. starts to get sucked down by the current, quick reaction time and an upward jerk of the knee can save you from a flip. However, in the ocean, generally even the quickest reacting folks will not be able to save themselves from overtunring on the face of a large wave if they get sideways. If you want to somehow "connect" your body to your boat for lake use, it's better to rig a footbrace of some sort.

If you are not clear on how to use thighstraps, please don't think for a minute that asking will make you look silly.

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