Canvas Inflatable Kayak Carry Bag
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Price: $45.00
Manufacturer: Boat People
Shipping Weight: 5.00 lbs




Boat People Canvas Inflatable Kayak Bag

Our uncoated canvas kayak carry bag is washable and features reinforced handles and a full length zipper. At roughly 15.5” diameter and 42” long, it is big enough for solo inflatable kayaks and most tandems, as long as you do a good job rolling the boat. AIRE tandem kayaks will need their Cheetah seats removed to fit in here, but no one should really roll those up with the kayak anyway. There is a piece of support plastic in the Cheetah chair’s backrest that gets kinked if you roll them up in the boat. We have a bags with a Cataraft image too.

While canvas can rot if you leave it wet & sitting on your garage floor for extended periods, bags made with alternative materials are mostly coated with something waterproof, making them hard to wash or put in a dryer. You can wash ours on the "warm" setting and either air dry it, or turn it inside out & put it in the clothes dryer.

The Boat People bag is a good choice for air travel, and as long as your kayak is under 46 pounds, your total weight should keep to the 50 pound limit most airlines mandate. Military spec, should last many years with a little care.

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