Cannon Wave 4-Piece FGX Fiberglass Shaft kayak paddle

Cannon Wave 4-Piece FGX Fiberglass Shaft kayak paddle
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Price: $159.00
Manufacturer: Cannon
Shipping Weight: 6.00 lbs



The 4-Piece FGX glass-shaft Wave is identical to it's two-piece brother (which we are currently phasing out in favor of the Cannon Accent Rage), except for the number of pieces it breaks into. The individual sections of this four piece, which is 230 cm when assembled, are about 26.5". This is a superb choice for people doing air travel, especially to salt water destinations. Although we do have aluminum 4-piece paddles, sometimes including an aluminum shaft version of this Wave, every one of those has the potential to corrode itself together virtually overnight - something you do not have to worry about much with fiberglass shafts.

If you purchase this with a kayak you will get $16 off the $159 retail price with your accessory discount, so bear that in mind. A while back we did get a handful of these with ivory colored blades on an occasion when Cannon was out of yellow blades, so if you prefer ivory let us know and we will see if we still have them. Normally, yellow is the default color for us with all Cannon paddles. 230cm is the only size we carry the 4-piece versions in.

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