New MTI Java Type III Kayak Vest

New MTI Java Type III Kayak Vest
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Price: $89.00
Manufacturer: MTI
Shipping Weight: 10.00 lbs



The Java Lifevest is now in stock. Ever since MTI quit making their very comfortable Discovery type III several years back, we've been searching for a semi-long open neck (where your chin doesn't bump the foam around your collar bone) pfd to replace it. One that would work well for inflatable kayakers, rather than being keyed more specifically to hard shell boaters who need a short thick vest that allows their sprayskirt to come up high on the belly. With the Java, we finally feel like we have a great replacement for the old Discovery. The Java was new toward the end of 2011, but we had not seen a sample until more recently so we are just getting started with this model.

This jacket comes in a red/dark grey two tone, and has large open sides and enough ventilation that it's not overly warm to wear. MTI says this one is also a good choice for the stand-up paddle board crowd. So far, this is not a sport we've engaged in but there's no reason to doubt the claim looking at the design, and feeling the flexibility when we wear this one. The two front pockets stretch outward to allow larger items to be stowed, and the shoulders are adjustable - which means you can raise or lower the body of the Java plus or minus one inch. There is a zipper in the front, allowing for quick cool down if need be while letting you keep the one front buckle snapped shut. Easy side adjustment, with tough 300 and 400 denier shell fabric.

Javas come in three sizes: Small/Med for chests 30 to 36"; Large/XL for 36" to 46" chests, and for those above 45" or 46" there is a 2X/3X that goes all the way to 56". We must note that none of us here are above 45" so it's hard to confirm that, and if MTI says 56" max remember that means with all your clothing on. In other words, if you are a millimeter more than 55" bare chested, it probably won't work. We have found that the Large/XL cinches down a bit lower than 36" however, so it seems to be by far the most universal size and it will be the majority of what we stock. We will be keeping only a few of the 2X/3X sizes on the shelf. A very good value at only $89

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