Raft Cover for trailered rafts, Small - Whitewater Designs

Raft Cover for trailered rafts, Small - Whitewater Designs
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Price: $425.00
Manufacturer: Whitewater Designs
Shipping Weight: 16.00 lbs



The Small Whitewater Designs Raft Cover fits a 12' to 13' raft, and runs $425. This is the one size out of four that we do not stock. The Small size should not be stretched over really large or highly rockered thirteen footer's. Best to spend ten bucks more and get the 13/14' size, which we do carry on the shelf. Lead time to order a small Raft Cover is usually only two extra business days if you phone us early in the day. If they are not in stock at our supplier the wait can be longer, up to three weeks, but this is rare. It's easy to check - just call us or email and we will let you know.

Raft Covers are often used by people who keep their boat on a trailer. For simple yard storage and slow back roads, a secured ground tarp may work fine, but a tarp will not for freeway driving or much over 30 m.p.h. In the back yard, elevating your raft on 4 X 4's or the like to keep it off the ground a few inches is a good plan before you cover it.

These are made from vinyl impregnated 6.5 ounce per yard off-white polyester, and have bungee around the perimeter as well as tie down loops on the two long sides. There as also a kit with ten straps and instructions, though it's pretty simple to figure out.

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