NRS Overnight Raft Rowing Frame, aluminum take-apart

NRS Overnight Raft Rowing Frame, aluminum take-apart
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Price: $725.00
Manufacturer: NRS
Shipping Weight: 73.00 lbs



An Overnight Aluminum (six piece, holds one cooler or one drybox) has longer side bars than the Day Frame on our site. The two adjustable cross bars in front of the footrest bar are for strap-mounting a cooler or drybox (straps not included). You cannot haul both a cooler and have a second seat mount at the same time, but a passenger could sit on the cooler. 68" long, in widths starting at 48" & increasing in 6" increments.

Note: for about the same price as the standard "Overnight", one smart option is to substitute one extra foot bar in place of the two straight front bars (the ones the cooler is nestled in, in our photo). You mount this second foot bar at the very front end where the forward straight bar is in the picture. Cut (and varnish) a piece of 3/4" plywood that spans across the low part of the two foot bars, but make it almost as wide as your raft interior. Cut notches out at the corners for a tight fit. Drill two holes each (or route notches) through the front & back edge of the plywood deck about 1.5" in from the edge. These four holes will allow you to run camlock straps down through them, around the underside of the low parts of the two footrest bars, and back up over the top of the cooler or drybox, and down & our again through the opposite holes or notches. In other words, you will need two long cam straps about 9', and they will go back and forth over the top of the cooler lid.

Now, you have a deck to sit your cooler on, making loading easier and often - if your cooler isn't too wide - leaving leftover space for a 20 caliber rocket box or the like. Decked frames are easier to load, though it does take some labor to fit, sand, and varnish the plywood. For those who don't know, most plywood other than that ratty OSB product now use waterproof adhesive, so official "marine" plywood is no longer needed.

Specify you raft size, and also please read the information about shipping costs in the introduction to this rowing frame section.

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