NRS Take-apart Aluminum Stern Frame for rafts

NRS Take-apart Aluminum Stern Frame for rafts
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Price: $525.00
Manufacturer: NRS
Shipping Weight: 57.00 lbs



The aluminum Stern Frame (four piece) from NRS is available with either a low-back seat or a slant board at the same price. These are popular among some rafting groups but other boaters wrote these off a long time ago. The shape of the stern on your raft has much to do with how well or how poorly these will work. Many of the highly rockered Maravias, AIRE SuperPumas, and other boats of similiar shape put the frame at a very steep angle. If the boat hits either a rock or hydraulic big enough to halt your momentum, however briefly, the rower gets launched through the air due to the poor bracing angle of your legs. Launching is bad enough for a paddle captain, but with a stern frame you run the additional risk of Heimliching your belly on the oar handles. Think how much fun it is to hit the water after being relieved of all your air. So consider how your boat is shaped before ordering one of these. Stern frames do give you control over a group of paddlers that you likely wouldn't have with just a guide paddle. Same price for either slant board or seat version.

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