Sawyer 9-1/2' Polecat Fiberglass Oar Shaft, single piece

Sawyer 9-1/2' Polecat Fiberglass Oar Shaft, single piece
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Price: $124.00
Manufacturer: Sawyer
Shipping Weight: 40.00 lbs



Please note that the actual length of this shaft is 7' (84"), and not nine and a half feet. It is 9-1/2 feet only with the blade installed. Also note that we are no longer taking shopping cart orders for single oar shafts, though as yet there is nothing in the actual cart to prevent single-shaft orders. If you want a single oar shaft please contact us by phone at 925-820-BOAT and we'll see what we can do.

Sawyers's Polecat shafts have a beefy reinforced end where the blade hole is drilled, and these are just as strong as Sawyer's more expensive composite shafts, albeit a tad heavier.

It is important to note that you can mix Carlisle blades with Sawyer shafts, but the overall length of a Sawyer blade is 2.5" longer than a Carlisle blade - and the length of their shafts is 2-1/2" less than Carlisle's equivalent. This means that if you mix a Sawyer brand shaft for the 9' length with a Carlisle blade, the oar will actually end up being only 8'9-1/2" long, not a full nine feet. If you put a Sawyer blade in a Carlisle shaft, you will have an extra 2-1/2".

Two other important details regarding Sawyer shafts: (1) Since the blade end on the shaft is reinforced with a second, thicker outer layer (the striped portion on the left in the picture), and the handle end has a round protruding retainer screw head, the standard version Oar Sleeves will not slip over them unless you take out the screw. Even then it is difficult. You can use a table saw to cut a thin slit lengthwise down the sleeve, or pay $3 extra per sleeve to order pre-slit ones from us. Cutting the slit in an oar sleeve with either a chop saw or a table saw is dicey work that involves holding the sleeve with your hand, or creating a mickey-mouse jig for the chop saw. Both methods are dangerous so it is not something we really like to do.
(2) The little set screw that helps hold the handle in protrudes from the shaft a bit. This is important because it means almost every Sawyer shaft has some degree of marring that occurs during shipping because of these set screws. They may have anything from fairly minor scuffs to deeper rubs near the handle end. Please understand this before you order because we won't ship oars back and forth for exchange because of this cosmetic defect. Even with the deeper scratches the shaft's strength is utterly unaffected, and if they did ever break at this point on the shaft, they are fully warrantied.

If you want two-piece Sawyer shafts we can order them but Sawyer's lead time is always long. We carry Sawyer shafts in yellow (they make black, white, and blue but these other colors are harder to find if you drop them in the river).

Shopping cart prices are for orders of two or more shafts. UPS charges for 30 pounds on these due to the box length.

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