Sawyer Two-Piece Polecat Oar Shaft Option

Sawyer Two-Piece Polecat Oar Shaft Option
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Price: $32.00
Manufacturer: Sawyer
Shipping Weight: 30.00 lbs



For two-piece Sawyer Polecat breakdown shafts in the 8' through 9' sizes, add $32 per oar. Simply select this option from the shopping cart. Please understand that this will take around two weeks in the Fall & Winter for us to receive them (we only stock 9'6" and 10' in the two-piece models), plus the time it takes for UPS to get them from us to you. In the late Spring and Summer, it is not uncommon for us to wait a full five weeks to get special orders from Sawyer, and again you still have to add the delivery time to you from us, which can add up to another week.

You need to be aware that ordering a "two-piece" shaft for an 8' oar, which is only 5'6" to begin with (the blade protrudes from the shaft 30"), does not yield two shaft sections of equal length. If it did, the joint would end up either under or very near your Oar Sleeve. What you get instead is two equal length pieces if you leave the blade in. So with the blade out, one part of a two-piece 8' oar shaft is only 18" long, and the other 48". It really does not make a lot of sense to go with this option on 8' or 8'6" oar shafts to be perfectly honest, and of course in doing so you end up with an extra joint & screw button to worry about. And Sawyer will not even consider making two piece shafts for oars shorter than 8'.

Since these are special order, you can also get black or white shafts if you prefer, instead of just the yellows.

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