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Price: $4,299.00
Manufacturer: AIRE
Shipping Weight: 135.00 lbs




Raft Reviews of AIRE 130R - the R and D models are almost interchangeable, though the D has more interior cargo space on the ends and the same amount of rocker at the bow and stern. The "D", shown in our photo, is completely symmetrical in fact, you just have to choose what end you want the floor valve to be at. Raft reviews continued - The diminished tubes at the front and rear of the D series also have the dual benefits of keeping a paddle captain closer to the water along with better wave punching. NO THWARTS

Raft Reviews

The 130D is our favorite AIRE raft of all since it seems to work equally well as a paddle raft or an oar rig. It's responsiveness makes it one of the best rafts in AIRE's line-up for moderate flow class V runs. The narrow 130E model is quite nice, but a bit less versatile. The E is great as a fishing drift boat, and good for tight eastern whitewater, but slower than the 130D with less space in both interior width and length. End of raft reviews. $217 allowance toward UPS and/or any accessories.

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With diminished radius tubes in the bow and stern the D series is quick on the water and a performance raft. The diminished design of this raft gets paddlers up close and personal with the river without sacrificing stability. The 130D is the best, most maneuverable all-around 13' foot raft to run with a paddle team and occasionally set up with a day frame. This modle is a raft reviews guide favorite. The 130 D is for you if: - You mostly run rivers as a paddle crew - You want to run some technical Class IV-V Rivers - You like the Super Puma, but want to sacrifice a little maneuverability for a little stability.

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