Gerber River Runner Shorty Knife

Gerber River Runner Shorty Knife
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Manufacturer: Gerber Knives
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs


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Sold out - Please see the Saturna River Knife, which we feel is a better value with a more secure sheath, if you are looking for a fairly petite sized river knife. For now the Gerber will be special order only. Over the years, we have had many people call wanting to order "just the Gerbar knife" because the sheath is still attached to their lifejacket. The reason we get these calls is that the two friction tabs on the side of the Gerber sheath tend to wear down quickly if people keep pulling the knife in and out a lot, eventually causing the knife to slip free. This won't happen with the Saturna, so that's why we recommend looking at it instead.

The photo shows a black handle and a pointy tip, but what we have left is actually fluorescent yellow on the handle with a blunt screwdriver style tip. The blade is keen & serrated on one side, and dull for prying and grinding on the other. The sheath is easy to mount if you glue the clip shut (you can run a strap through), or you can pass the sheath clip through a knife lash if your lifevest has one. The short Gerbers are a bad choice if you frequently pull out your knife to spread mayonnaise or cut fruit, because the friction sheath detentes can wear out.

Please note that the name of this model is the "River Shorty", not the "River Runner". We're swapping some knives around on the site so sorry for any confusion.

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