1" Polypro Webbing by the foot

1" Polypro Webbing by the foot
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Price: $0.25
Manufacturer: Boat People
Shipping Weight: 0.15 lbs



We carry limited colors of 800 pound rated 1" Polypro Webbing at 25 cents per foot. Email or phone if you want to check colors.

If you are a Sotar owner and have one of the Teal colored lexatron rafts (or kayaks), we do have a custom color just for you that is pretty close to matching your boat - or as close as you will ever get - for 45 cents per foot, but that item is not on our shopping cart (because we sell it less than once a year) so you would need to phone in for that one. Our wholesale cost on the teal webbing was three times what we have ever paid for any other color, which is why the discrepancy between it and the other shades we have.

Please note that we do have a $25 minimum order.

Most likely your shipping charges will be less than the cart determines because it's difficult to estimate shipping charges based on various lengths (5' to 500') and convert lengths into a weight (before packaging it). We will never charge you more than the cart says but often charge you less shipping fees when we process the order.

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