NRS Otter Livery 96 Standard Floor Raft

NRS Otter 96 Livery Raft
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Price: $2,295.00
Manufacturer: NRS
Shipping Weight: 68.00 lbs



The little 9'6" Otter non-bailer from NRS is a fine choice for anglers or rafters who run mostly moderate pool-drop rivers - as long as you stick to total weights around 550 pounds or 600 max. As a fishing raft, with a mini-frame, it's best as a two person craft (one rower, one angler). As a paddle raft it will work fine with three adults, or two adults with two smaller kids. The Otter Livery 96 is five feet wide, and weighs a very manageable 57 pounds. This is about what the heaviest tandem kayaks weigh, so it's very reasonable for such a beefy little raft. Most importantly, it rolls up to nothing. Maybe 17" or 18" around by about 28" wide if you do a good job.

There are two main chambers, plus the thwarts, and the tube diameter is 16-1/2", which is pretty good for a boat under ten feet. Many this size only have 15" tubes. The kick at the front and back is 7". If NRS made the kick higher, it would decrease the weight capacity and slow the boat down. These have a five year warranty and come with six D-rings, and we carry extras if you need to add more. The bow & stern D-s also incorporate lift handles. The only color for the Livery Otters is blue. Top & bottom chafers are standard, and if you want to row you should keep the frame to not much over four feet long. Ditto for the width - 4' would be the widest you can go. 45" would be better. And seven foot oars are plenty long.

We do not stock the NRS standard floor (non-selfbailing) rafts because these do not sell in big numbers, so please call for availability before proceeding to our shopping cart.

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