Inflatable Raft
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Price: $1,399.00
Manufacturer: Maxxon
Shipping Weight: 69.00 lbs



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Inflatable Raft Maxxon SB-270 , the King of the little guys.

Maxxon Inflatable Rafts

Maxxon's new SB-270 inflatable raft, mini-raft, is a fairly blatant copy of the Hyside Mini-Me, which is not a bad thing since the Mini-Me is a terrific little boat. This lightweight pvc R-2 can be used by three smaller paddlers, and features two main chambers and an attached floor. Great for steep creekin' and times when you don't feel like rigging a larger inflatable raft.

Maxxon SB-270 Inflatable Raft Crow's Nest View

In some situations it can be helpful to sit up high on the tubes of a raft where you have a better viewing angle downstream, rather than sitting on the floor of a tandem inflatable kayak. If you run difficult streams it does make it easier to scout from the boat for sure, rather than getting out so often as you might with an IK. So with the price being pretty commensurate with a lot of two person infl. kayaks, this might be a worthwhile addition to your boat collection.

No Disappointments with the Maxxon SB-270 Inflatable Raft

The underside has the same high tear strength that all Maxxon and Rocky Mountain rafts do, and the continuous curve hull assures good hull speed and smooth eddyline crossings. We carry footcones if you wish to add any, and the thwart is removable should you want to set up a mini rowing frame for the SB-270 whitewater raft. As an oar or paddle raft, the little Maxxon can carry camp gear with the addition of a few D-rings.

Because this inflatable raft is pvc, it will not roll as small as Hyside's Mini-Me, and the weight capacity Maxxon lists for it is way, way, way off so please ignore that specification. A good figure for proper performance is about 480 pounds, though you could push it to 600. Whether all three colors (red, gray, blue) will always be available is uncertain so it isn't a bad idea to have a second choice.

Free shipping to the Lower 48 or a gear credit for those of you who pick up your Maxxon SB-270 Inflatable Raft at the store.

Specifications for Maxxon SB-270 Inflatable Raft

  • Length: 9'
  • Beam: 5'
  • Colors: Red, Blue & Gray
  • Weight: 66 lbs.
  • Moveable Thwart: 1
  • Max Persons: 4
  • Max Capacity: 1,240 lbs.
  • PVC: 1,100 top / 3,300 bottom
  • Tube Dia: 17.7"
  • Chafing Pads: Yes
  • Air Chambers: 2+1
  • Floor: 7" I-Beam
  • Self-Bailing 3/4" Scuppers every 6"
  • Warranty: 5-Year

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