Innova solo Twist Inflatable Kayak with Skeg

Innova Twist Inflatable Kayak with Skeg
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Price: $399.00
Manufacturer: Innova
Shipping Weight: 20.00 lbs



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There have been some nice changes to the Innova Twist models this year. They now have removable seats, and Innova is producing them in a material that has some nitryl coating on the exterior, as opposed to the bare nylon fabric they had for the previous nine years. This coating lets the boats dry faster, and allows for easier clean-up. And while the new fabric does add a tiny bit of weight, among the better quality inflatable kayaks Twists remain the lightest you can buy. We still recommend that you refrain from paddling these models up onto rocky shores repeatedly, because this can abrade the underside and these do not have as much rubber coating as the Seawave, Solar, Safari, or Halibut kayaks.

The new colors will be either red & gray, or a lime green & gray two tone. The older yellow and camo patterns have been discontinued.

The Twist Inflatable Kayak is Innova's shortest solo inflatable, yet is remarkably adaptable not only to taller bodies, but even for use as a self-support overnight boat too. The 8'6" length is engineered just right. The Twist Solos' weight is a super low 17 pounds, and the width is about 31".

Tube diameter is 9" and the inside width is 13". Twist's do come with a removable, bolt-less tracking fin, and yes, it makes a huge difference in tracking on a hull this short.

Innova Twist Inflatable Kayak Strong Features

The strongest features of this kayak are its insanely low price - down $50 from last year - and its unbelievably small packed size. For backpackers who want something that can easily be carried into a mountain lake or gentle stream, the Twist, a quality foot pump, and the paddle add up to no more than 22 - 23 pounds, allowing leeway for food and drink too.

There is a three-stepped inflatable footrest that you can remove if you wish. The 2017 inflatable seat is now removable in case you are camping and want to use a drybag as your backrest. This backrest is fairly comfortable as long as you get it fully inflated. The solo and tandem Twists come with a nylon stuff sack and basic patch kit, and the removable tracking fin as mentioned above.

One last detail we want to note is that most Innova seats, and especially the footrests, will tend to get soft overnight or at best over a couple days. This is not a defect, it's due mostly to the tube & twisty-valve design of the area where you inflate these components. In most cases a footrest requires no more than one puff of a pump to firm up, and a seat no more than two.

Innova Twist - All Accessories 10% off

Please note that any accessories purchased with your boat are 10% off, and also note that our shopping cart as yet does NOT reflect these discounts - it will show a higher total so we will adjust the bottom line before ringing the transaction through. If for any reason we manage to forget, we will enclose a refund check for the difference inside the box with your receipt.

The standard Twist solo color for 2015 is red with a hint of orange as shown in the first picture, and a gray interior.

Free UPS ground shipping is for the lower 48 States only. Important: Our shopping cart will show a shipping fee, but we will subtract it from the total before capturing your funds.

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