Rocky Mountain Rafts Livery Non Self Bailing LI-130

RMR Rocky Mountain Rafts LI-130 Livery 13' Nonselfbailing raft
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Price: $1,799.00
Manufacturer: RMR
Shipping Weight: 117.00 lbs




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Like the NRS non-bailing rafts, the Rocky Mountain Livery models are often unavailable, so do NOT try to go straight to the shopping cart – call us first.

The 13’ Livery has three main air chambers, and non-removable thwarts that are part of those main chambers. In other words, you cannot get the thwarts out of the way for a rowing frame – these are intended as paddle rafts, not fishing oar rigs. The only unit that can fit this is a short “day frame”, which holds a rower only. Day frames have a single drop-down foot bar that rides just behind the front thwart. This boat will not accommodate a cooler / drybox-holding frame.

The 13’ size RMR Livery has side D-rings and one each at the bow and stern, bow and stern lift handles (sometimes they surprise us and put side lift handles on too, but this is not guaranteed), and Leafield D-7 valves. It is 6’3” wide with 19” tubes.

The hull material is the same bomber 2000 denier RockShield as all of Rocky’s other rafts. This fabric is made by the same company that builds the boats. The floor and tube reinforcement patches are extra thick, and these rafts are designed for heavy commercial use.

A very good value, but again the main problem is we often can not obtain them. The only guaranteed way is to contact us in the early Fall and put down a deposit for one to be delivered the next year. As mentioned on the NRS livery raft write-ups in this section, private boater demand for non-selfbailing rafts is too low for boat builders to just keep them on the shelf.

This boat does not roll up nearly as small as the 13’ NRS Livery, but it does fold smaller than the self-bailing version, and it costs far less than the NRS.

There is theoretically a 12’ version of this raft as well for $150 less, so again, best to phone us to see if anything is in the warehouse. And just to make it confusing, sometimes Rocky Mountain has bucket rafts in a second, more full featured line simply called the “NB” series (also special order). These come in sizes ranging from 10’6” up to 16’ and do have removable thwarts, but cost more as well. In this 13’ length, for example, the price is $320 more. Calling us at 925-820-BOAT is the only way to see if any version of the RMR bucket rafts are in stock.

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