AIRE Lion 14' Cat Tubes

AIRE Lion 14' Cat Tubes
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Price: $2,699.00
Manufacturer: AIRE
Shipping Weight: 120.00 lbs




Raft Inflatable Kayak Cataraft Free Shipping

The AIRE Lion 14 large diameter inflatable cat tubes are $2,699 per pair. This price includes ground UPS to any lower 48 destination. Our shopping cart will not try to charge UPS, but don't worry - we will deduct that from the total before capturing your funds. Also see the text under the 16' Lion.

Pricing is for tubes only - not the frame, oars, or accessories.

AIRE's Lion series catarafts have extra big diameters and waterlines that comprise a higher percentage of the total tube length. The idea is to provide the highest load capacities with the shallowest draft possible. In the case of the fourteen foot Lion 14 your rig will also pivot very quickly. This makes it ideal both for folks who run technical class IV and V rivers, as well as anglers or rowers suffering low snowpack years in their area. Fly fishers rarely practice their sport at high flows, so a cat that can negotiate extra-shallow streams is always a plus.

The only other cat tubes we carry in a 14' size that have the extra big diameters are the Maxxon "Fatty" series. They are about half the price although their lifespan is also about 50%. Those are featured in this section of our site.

As with any of the big diameter high buoyancy catarafts, if you enjoy high flow rivers, there will be a propensity for this type of boat to get surfed like a bobber if it's not weighted down. In other words, if most of your runs are day trips, choose something with a somewhat smaller diameter.

AIRE keeps very few Lions of any length on the shelf, and unless you are willing to settle for one or two colors, quite often these need to be built - which means about a five to six week lead time. When AIRE does have these on the shelf, they are most often red, blue, or green.

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