Maxxon 14' Extra-Fat 25" Cataraft Tubes

Maxxon 14' Extra-Fat 25" Cataraft Tubes
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Price: $1,489.00
Manufacturer: Maxxon
Shipping Weight: 89.00 lbs




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Update: As of June, 2019 Maxxon's newest batch of rafts and cataraft tubes will have welded seams instead of glued seams, which should bump up the lifespan by a good ten years. The bad news is that with you-know-who's new Chinese tariffs, the prices have also gone up substantially on both Rocky Mountain and Maxxon products. Still, the only large diameter standard cataraft tubes are made by AIRE (the Lion 14) and their cost is still almost double that of the Maxxons. The rest of the text below is old and pertains to the original glued product, but we will update the information as we have time. The spec's are still correct for the most part.

Maxxon P-14+ Cataraft tubes - 25" diameter, 14' long, 79 pounds per pair. We no longer stock the "normal" (21") diameter fourteen foot Maxxon tubes since our dealer cost is too close to the three-chamber Rocky Mountain 14' cat, but if you really want the Maxxon 21" diameter their cost is ten dollars less than the 25" version. We carry these 14' "fatty" tubes in stock most of the time, but you can phone us if you want to be sure before ordering. Blue (about the same color as NRS, AIRE, or Hyside blue boats) and medium grey are the standard colors.

The Maxxon warranty is five years, and most people do tend to get 12 to 14 years out of their products. All glued pvc boats like Maxxons do have a maximum lifespan, and this is true for Vanguard and Star products as well. At Maxxon's very reasonable pricing, most buyers feel the cost per year to own their cat tubes equals a great value. There is more about potential problems of glue & pvc in our FAQ section, and a lot more on our "PVC vs. Rubber: the Great Debate" page.

Maxxon got away from circumference seams on the ends of the tubes many years ago, and made the rocker at the ends not higher, but more "curly", all resulting in a more attractive & functional tube. In essence, the look a bit like an elve's shoe. The actual amount of rocker is not huge, only about 3" on this size. Measured from the ground that means about 28".

Maxxon tubes are built with bomber 2200 denier polyester base fabric - twice as beefy as Maxxon's marine boats - and all sizes above nine feet have two chambers per tube. The relatively long waterline of Maxxon tubes does provide higher buoyancy than equivalent length AIRE cats in most cases, and with most sizes the Maxxons seem to go faster in the slack sections of rivers.

Maxxon uses a chafe patch on the bottom of their tubes like the rowing frame chafer on top. The 10, 12', 14', and 16' Maxxon tubes all have four heavy duty D-rings on each side of each tube, sixteen total for a pair. All sizes use a molded urethane end cone for those bumper-car sessions with river rocks.

Despite the negatives of glue and pvc, we should also say that for the most part the Maxxon tubes we've sold have been nearly trouble free, and the owners have been universally pleased with the product and lifespan. Please note that our photo still shows a standard 14' tube, not the new "fatty".

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