Maxxon P12 12' Cataraft Pontoons

Maxxon P12 12' Cataraft Pontoons
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Price: $989.00
Manufacturer: Maxxon
Shipping Weight: 70.00 lbs




Raft Inflatable Kayak Cataraft Free Shipping

Update: For the time being, Maxxon has decided to carry the twelve footers in a new 25” diameter, rather than the 20” size they have stocked for the last two decades. They currently have none of the 20” tubes on the shelf, and they won’t for the rest of the season as far as we know.

The price on these 25” versions is $20 more ($989 instead of $969) but there can be an advantage depending on your needs. If you are making a whitewater or fishing cat frame from scratch, having the larger diameter means less draft plus more capacity for a second person or gear. Since anglers tend to fish at low flows, drafting less is a good thing. The bad news would be for those looking to replace existing tubes on a fishing rig, most of which use 20” to 21” pontoons. The new larger size may not work, and the only way to be sure is to cut out a 25” circle of cardboard and hold it up to the frame. It is your responsibility to do this before ordering. If you fail to do so and then realize they won’t work with your frame, please understand there will be a substantial restocking fee and you will also be responsible for UPS both directions.

The rest of the text below pertains to the original product, and we are going to leave it for now because we don’t know yet what Maxxon will decide to do in 2019.

For complete Maxxon information see the write-up's for the 14' & 16' sizes (the P14+ Fatty and P16). As noted in those descriptions, the 12' size is a so-so seller for us. Therefore, we do not normally keep them on the shelf. Maxxon almost always has them so we can have them sent direct, meaning the delivery time is not effected. It's best to phone us at 925-820-BOAT on the twelve's before going to the shopping cart, so that we can check stock.

Rocky Mountain no longer makes a 12' size, and AIRE's 12' Wave Destroyer & 13' wildcat are more than double the cost of the Maxxon, so these are the only twelve pontoons in this price range. As always, please note that pricing is for the tubes only, not the frame or accessories.

The P12's are 20.5" in diameter, and 59 pounds per pair. The appearance is slightly different now since there is no longer a circumference seam near the bow and stern - they are a continuous curve design similar to, but not as rockered as, the AIRE Wildcat tubes. They come with a mediocre foot pump, but that foot pump does have the twist-in valve adapter on the end of the hose. Should that pump give out at some point, please remember to save the last few inches of the hose & adapter because it is one we don't normally stock.

Free shipping is via UPS ground to the lower 48 states only; if you are in Alaska these are available in Anchorage and if you are in Hawaii... well, you should be looking at our kayak pages! Please note that our shopping cart will show a UPS charge, but this only authorizes your credit card. When we capture the funds we will remove the UPS fee. you are also welcome to phone in your order.

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